Monday, August 6, 2012

A woman who'll kiss on the very first date is usually a hussie

With lyrics like 

"Squeeze her once when she isn't lookin',
If you get a squeeze back, that's fancy cookin',
Once more for a pepper-upper,
She will never get sore on her way to supper."

how can you not absolutely love the song Shipoopi, from the Music Man?!

I grew up on Music Man and absolutely adore it. And today happens to be one of those days when I catch myself humming songs from it under my breath.
Maybe I love it because it is set in Small Town America, during one of my favorite time periods (it is set in 1912 to be exact), when they used to have shoes that buttoned and local ice cream socials.
Maybe it is because there are hilarious raunchy undertones, or maybe it is because there is a crazy kook of a mayor's wife that calls classic literature "dirty books." Or maybe, most of all, it is because the female lead is a stubborn but smart woman named Marian (same spelling as my name!) and she is a librarian.  
Growing up when I told people my name, I used to have to say "Marian, as in Madame Librarian." In fact, when I graduated college, you give the announcer your name on a card and if it has any tricky pronunciations you are supposed to put a note to help guide them.
Sure enough, I wrote (rhymes with librarian) on mine, for fear of being graduated under false pretenses as "Mary Anne." ugh.

I couldn't find the right versions of "Shipoopi" or "Marian" on YouTube, but here is another fabulous number "Ya Got Trouble."


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