Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I can't seem to read the Washington Post, or watch CNN, or basically visit any political website without hearing about Mitt Romney.

But not about him as a candidate, just more of the blather about his money.
How many more hashtags do I have to deal with?  #crook #cheater #richbastard #hatesamerica.
Grow up! Educate yourselves! Don't take the slander at face value?!

The guy is rich.
Is that wrong?  That question is highly existential, but the answer is...no.  He isn't running a sweatshop, he has worked hard to make some honest dough.

He doesn't have to pay very much in taxes (compared to what he is making, his taxes are ridiculously low), but that has nothing to do with him--he is following tax code provisions and has exemptions because of his company ownership.

Do you really expect him to stand up and volunteer to pay more taxes, in order to right this wrong?  The government and IRS need to take responsibility for that one.

Yes, the fact that he is in the same bracket as a lot of blue collar workers is depressing, but he has also created a lot of jobs for people. Which is nice.

But that doesn't satisfy people. So bring on the attacks about his offshore investments.
What about George H.W. Bush and Zapata?
His investments are his own personal matters and as long as he isn't donating to al-Qaeda, big whoop. Other men in power (and presidents themselves) have done incredibly suspicious and wrong things while actually in office that had nothing to do with the welfare of the country.
Come on, Mitt Romney isn't a spy engaged in some international plot to overthrow America financially, or to somehow gain the office of president in order to defraud the country.

Yes, the fact that he is the first presidential candidate with a Swiss bank account is strange, but it is not strange for wealthy Americans to have Swiss bank accounts. He just happens to be running for the presidency. He's had a booming career in the private sector, so what? It's his money!
Having a Swiss account doesn't make him any less American, and the people that believe that crap are the same ones who think his name is short for "Mittens."  Mitt isn't even his first name people, and it isn't an abbreviation.

We could use someone that knows how to make and invest money to help our economy.

And the real irony here is that Obama is attacking Mitt for "outsourcing" and investing overseas, when he himself has invested nearly half a million buckaroos in an index fund with major holdings in companies famous for their outsourcing.
Oh, and he's taken hundreds of thousands in donation money from executives at Bain.

People got upset about the demand for Obama's birth certificate and this is becoming just as absurd.

So can we just move on to what these candidates are going to do for the country?
When will the hypocrisy and stupid character attacks stop? It's bad enough that the bigwigs are engaging in this, but when middle America repeats it and distorts the truth, it truly becomes a shitstorm of misinformation and factoids, which are dangerous.

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