Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Guilty Pleasures

Not sure how "guilty" some of these are, but these are the things I savor and look forward to. And tend to overindulge in!!

Extra chewy brownies

Driving fast on the highway (I know, I know....)

Watching hours and hours of I Love Lucy on Sunday mornings

Cream cheese wontons. I could literally eat these every day and be happy.  In this same vein, I am addicted to potstickers and California sushi rolls.

14 Hands Merlot

The Neil Diamond Greatest Hits Collection

Reading by the pool


Playing Nintendo for hours on end (yes, the old school stuff).

Browsing and buying pets

Watching Cops with Eli and doing our own voices for the cops/criminals

Homemade salsa (I eat it by the bowlful!)

Re-reading Harry Potter books. All day.


Face masks and Benefit products

Going to the movies (they are so ridiculously expensive now that this is a real treat!)

Pizza and beer

Antique shops

Popcorn, especially kettle corn

Libraries and bookstores. If I drag you in, who knows when you'll escape!

Gin & tonics with extra extra lime. Especially a guilty pleasure if drunk while in a bubble bath with a book.

History trivia

Scented oils

Shooting pool

Candy-- namely lollipops, Nerd Ropes, Snickers, Swedish Fish, and anything Cadbury

Anything involving the ocean

Jams and jellies (I can't list how many I have in the fridge right now)

Scary movies

Del Taco at 2am after spending a tipsy night out


And I don't plan on giving any of them up!!!

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