Friday, March 9, 2012

Duck Hunt and Weekend Escapes

I love lists. I think that is something inherent in people that enjoy writing.
So here is a Friday Favorites list !

Jasmine tea

My trusty blue highlighter

Draw Something
My newest iPhone app that is like Pictionary. Playing with friends makes for a lot of laughs!

Getting out of Town.
Eli and I are jetting down to Zion tonight after we get off work! I can't wait to see those beautiful rocks.

Peppermint oil.
Helps my tummy behave, especially when I am on antibiotics.

The weather we've been having.
60 degrees and sunny! Is it really March?

5 Second Films.
My brother showed this to me last night, YouTube it. Ridiculous! Awesome!

Duck Hunt.
Damn straight.

Pinned Image

Next weekend Eli and I are getting a Budgie!!
I am thrilled to the core.
Navagio Beach, Greece. I am packing my bags right now. Just waiting on that American Express card to be handed to me:)

TGIF, motherfuckers.

Have a great weekend everybody.

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