Friday, March 2, 2012

Misogyny Won't Die!


Rush Limbaugh:
a name synonymous with:

tactless, irrational, grating, maladroit,  and...
ok. I'll say it.

I think the only reason this dumbf*** is still on the air is because people like to laugh at him and he is a status quo--always there for us to complain about.

his latest:
he was complaining about the debate regarding American employers paying for contraception for their employees under healthcare.
which is ok.
what is not ok:
a Georgetown law student has been publicly advocating for contraception to be covered and Limbaugh, on his show, called her a "slut" and a "prostitute" for this.

last time I checked
      a. Advocating for something in public did not make you a promiscuous person.
      b. He doesn't call dudes advocating this sluts.
      c. Using contraception LIKE A RESPONSIBLE ADULT to prevent having babies that you may not be      able to afford, want in general, or don't want right now, is NOT A BAD THING.  It should be encouraged. I think some associate contraception with abortion (Limbaugh may fall into this category, knowing what a dumbass he is).This is clearly wrong: effectively using contraception prevents abortion. And we all know that is a marvelously good thing.

it doesn't end there.

he went on to say that if women want their contraception covered by their employer, they can pay for it via public porn.
this guy can't be serious, you say.
I wish, I say.
he really means this shhhh....crap (I apologize for the cussing, but this topic and this man drive me to it).

he thinks if women want their contraception paid for they should post videos of themselves "using it" online to be fair to everyone else.

For those who think misogyny is dead, Limbaugh is still alive.
and he calls the women who want their contraception covered (at least partially) "Feminazis."  Gotta love that term.

I am so sick of people that must tear others down in order to feel satisfied, happy. Limbaugh is one of those. And on a side note--who the hell names their kid Rush?!?! He certainly does "rush" to judgement on everything though! Ha, ok, bad pun.
Other topics he has addressed (badly):

Parkinson's Disease
Remember when he accused Michael J. Fox of "faking it"? Look this up on YouTube if you haven't seen it.

You don't have to agree with or even like Obama. But Rush constantly makes racist comments about him and even calls him "the Magic Negro." He is our President. So not ok.
He also wants to bring back segregation! "Slavery built the had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark."
And he wants to give the dude that shot MLK a Medal of Honor.

He says that straight people can't get AIDS. "It's promiscuity that spreads hasn't made the jump to the heterosexual community."

And all kinds of other shit. I'm bored with him and his idiocy already.
The guy called Nelson Mandela a communist for Christ's sake!
 The dude is the definition of STUPID AMERICAN and he makes us all look bad.

UPDATE: 1 pm 3/2
Obama just called the Georgetown student and gave her some words of encouragement. He thanked her for voicing her opinions and helping represent other American women. He said she should tell her parents she has made them proud.
Suck it, Limbaugh.

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