Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Neo-Nazi in Congress?

 Look at this old timer. He looks nice enough, right?
                                               Welp...he is a Neo-Nazi.

There are those wackos out there that believe (and even tout) that the Holocaust never happened and was some kind of elaborate hoax, that historians and even victims of this time are pulling the wall over our eyes.
Sidenote: I’ve never quite understood what exactly they thought was being accomplished by this.. maybe to accuse the Jewish race of lying about their plight and further criminalize them? That is one of the Nazis' favorite agendas, after all.

Either way, these people exist in our world (unfortunately) and we can call them assholes and let them rant (they’ve got the right), but to elect a Neo-Nazi????
Now that is a different matter entirely.

Arthur Jones is a 64 year old Republican from Illinois who enjoys reading books, playing with his grandchildren, and throwing parties to celebrate Hitler’s birthday.
Yes, you read that right.
And he is running for Congress.

How do these things happen?!
It is one thing to have a different religious belief than a politician, or not like his stance on a few issues, but agree with him on everything else. It is another to vote in a Neo-Nazi. Period.
If he is planning events to celebrate the National Socialists of Germany, he should be registered as one (apparently he was in his younger years, when he participated in the Nazi Marquette March in 1978).

And he isn’t shy about his beliefs, calling the Holocaust “nothing more than an international extortion racket by the JewsMillions of dollars are being made by Jews telling this tale of woe and misfortune….”
He believes America’s current state is comparable to Germany after WWI.
Maybe he sees himself as America’s Hitler-esque Savior and is using this election to get some power. It looks like his eventual goal is to destroy Israel (what else?). What a crackpot!

We need more rules and requirements in place to ensure nutters like this—nutters that admire genocidal maniacs and hope to mimic their careers—don’t have an ounce of power anywhere (except their living rooms). This is simply horrifying.
Arthur, you disgust me.
And I used to like the name Arthur. Now every time I watch the children’s cartoon Arthur I may be overcome with thoughts of Aryan supremacy. Shit.


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