Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Big Slip Up.

I just realized I forgot to address a topic that is so obvious, so gabbed about, and beloved by bloggers:
The Oscars.

The Oscars are, admittedly, a bit ridiculous. A bunch of big stars (as well as small stars and general no-names) getting glammed up to mingle with one another and receive politically-determined awards and act like they are making new history like it has never been made before!
And yet, we watch...
This thing has been going on since 1929 and as long as people keep going to the movies, they'll keep making them, and therefore, the Oscars will exist. So stop complaining. If you don't like it, don't watch.
Yes, these celebrities spend enough on one outfit for one night to feed a small country, but teachers should be paid more than athletes, and all that other righteous bullshit. Tough titty. The world isn't fair.

But if you can overlook the bullshit and like to gossip about what the women are wearing and who was slandered by whom and why that movie should have won, like me, then good. Here we go.

I was excited for the Oscars this year because there wasn't one designated amazing movie that was going to sweep the awards (although Hugo kind of became that). I haven't seen most of these movies either, which is a first for me. We just don't have the time like we used to when we were college students (sigh) and we tend to wait until they come out on video so we can chill at home for a lot less $$ (have you seen current movie tickets prices?! WTF????) and have our own popcorn (or kettle corn) or dinner or maybe even a glass of wine. And then we can yell at the movie if need be and not have someone kick the back of our chair.

The Absolute Best Things About the Oscars This Year:
--Meryl Streep won. Holy shit. That like never happens. She has won twice before and been nominated 17 times! Did anyone else notice that when she won for Sophie's Choice she wore a gold dress, and on Sunday night, she also wore a gold dress?? That is luck embodied people.
Her speech was fabulous and just what an Oscar speech should be--not to long, not too short, not listing a bunch of no-names we don't know, not too proud or humble, sweet and humorous and touching
(Can you tell that I have a Girl Crush on Meryl yet?).
#2: Christopher Plummer won. I love this man. He will always be Captain Von Trapp to me and his voice is like a lullaby. I enjoyed his speech as well. And I hope he doesn't die very soon, he still has some great acting in him.

The Most Ridiculous Crap:
#1, #2, and #3: Angelina Jolie's right leg and the idiotic and obvious appearances it made throughout the night. The way she kept struggling to thrust it out from the slit in her dress you'd think her other leg was wooden and she wanted to show off the good one. Or maybe she is trying to distract for her skeletal (literally, these are the kinds of limbs you would find in a grave) body.
Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace I honestly felt embarrassed for Brad.
Remember when she was curvy yet athletic, like in Tomb Raider? Now that was sexy and healthy. This is frightening, especially because girls (and women) see this and are envious and kill themselves trying to get her body...a body that is probably on the verge of collapse.
Cameron Diaz in GucciOkay ya'll. Cameron Diaz looked damn hot. She should always have that hair, it is flattering and makes her look young and fresh. Love the dress as well.
But my favorite dress of the night was....
Penelope Cruz in Armani Prive & Chopard AMAZING.

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