Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Dance!!

Let me take a moment out of my day to share some momentous news with you:

I have never had one and I don't know how to work one, but they are pretty and do lots of stuff, apparently
I have never had a touch screen.
Actually, now that I think about it, I've never had an Apple product... except for the Macintosh I grew up with. It looked like this and I loved playing "Raise the Flag" on it.
Eli has a fancy Apple laptop that I love, mostly because I get to FaceTime with Vicky on it. Which I will now be able to do on my phone!!! Aaaaaaah! This could lead to some historic international drunk dials!

This all began with my poor Blackberry (I called it CrapBerry) that I had endless problems with. Our relationship was tumultuous. CrapBerry found it amusing to turn off randomly, call 911 on occasion, hang up on friends, and deprive me of texts and voicemails.
Yesterday it wouldn't hold a charge (I faithfully plug it in every night!) and then this morning my alarm didn't go off and when I looked at CrapBerry...his screen had gone dark...and he wouldn't wake up!
I called Dad from work to let him know and then started thinking...
I am going to need an iPhone for my new job---for extensive calendaring, researching while not in the range of a computer, GoogleMaps/GPS, restaurant look ups, emails, etc. C (work contact) mentioned the importance of the iPhone several times and I was getting worried because they are so pricey and I have no clue how to work one. I emailed Dad and let him know the issue and he surprised me by telling me we're going on an excursion tomorrow to get one! I'll get acquainted with my new friend (who shall remain nameless  until we get to know each other) over the long weekend! This is such a relief.

I am super excited for the camera apps, the food diary, having news updated on my phone. Oh and email!! I keep forgetting just how behind I have been in the technology world. I didn't even have data on CrapBerry.

There is an app called MedWatcher that I certainly need and NutriSleuth---you can scan the barcodes on food/drinks and see what is in it and even put an alert in there so it can warn me about a product containing foods I am allergic to! I didn't even know this was possible.

I have a feeling we are going to be great friends. Poor CrapBerry. You've been replaced sucka!

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