Sunday, February 19, 2012

How to Survive a Head Cold

I still have this wicked, miserable head cold and it is just getting worse.
I got my iPhone yesterday and absolutely love it! It is a white 4S and I have yet to name it....I'm still feeling it out but I get the vibes that my phone is an effeminate male and I am planning titles accordingly.

In the meanwhile, I've been surfing the web like a maniac and here are a few things that have made me quite happy:
On the funny side

On the lovely side:

And as for the real life things that are bringing me happiness during this shitty time:
Dove Chocolate Promises. Good God these are amazing!!
And I do love the cheesy little quotes that come on the wrapper. It is the only time I unwrap my candy in an orderly fashion--when I am eating these--so I can read the message on the foil.  Delicious.

PG Tips tea from my Ladybird Vicky !! She sent me these for my birthday last year, and a yummy breakfast tea that comes in a William and Kate collectible tin. Perfect! This stuff is best with cream (in my case, Rice Milk) and sugar and is quickly becoming my morning habit. Before work I sip this stuff and look outside, watch the Today show, and generally feel zen as I procrastinate going to work.
The Graduate. I love this movie. Eli and I watched it last night again, and this was the first time (thanks to my crappy cold) that we didn't drink martinis while we watched. You just can't watch this film without having a drink, really. It is just one of those things.
I know a lot of people don't like The Graduate because of what it is about (and I am not one for cheating, believe me!) but at the end of the day it is just a movie. It was the 60s! It is Dustin Hoffman! Anne Bancroft is incredibly! The cinematography! The settings! Simon and Garfunkel! We don't tire of it.

Age of Empires.
Yes, I play it (sometimes), yes I use cheat codes (most of the time), and yes I justify it as being historically relevant (if I am not too fussy). They have different levels where you belong to different ancient societies and re-enact all kinds of historical stuff, like being Joan of Arc (mmhmmm) or Genghis Khan (I shudder at the thought). I really enjoy creating my own "what if" scenarios where I can be a Russian fighting in Texas. Highly entertaining.

And now, the thing that has really gotten me through my head cold:  Eli!!
Last night when we crawled into bed and I was hacking up nasty shit and discarding tissues on every free spot of carpet and generally feeling like a disgusting slob he turned to me and said "I'm glad you're my best friend."

On that sweet note, back to my Sunday tea and scrounging up some breakfast.

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