Friday, February 3, 2012

Things I Did Today.

 Stare at this picture (below) and you will see him turn sideways!

  • Looked through the most amazing images of Afghanistan veterans that were taken before, during, and after their time overseas.
  • Discovered and (yes I'll admit it) played this game where you throw JustinBieber into the trash can!!
  • Looked at some wicked whiteboard art (yes, all done with just dry erase markers!)
  • Marveled at the cobra kitty!
  • Checked out some optical illusionslike this   and  
  • Laughed a little
  • Learned something new-- Did You Know?
    In the 1800s physicians commonly advised brokenhearted
    patients to eat chocolate to calm themselves.
  • Saw something beautiful
Learned what "sand" looks like magnified
  •  Got INSPIRED.

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