Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thoughts for Thought

I Got A New Job!!! Thank You Baby Jesus.
I will refrain from naming the company that it is with but I will say it is in finance (ha, I know. History and English girl going into something she despises and doesn't understand) and I will be supporting a very important dude that is mouthy and cranky and brilliant.  During my interview with him he dropped the F-Bomb 4 times and quotes Bobby Kennedy. yessssssssss

So, in honor of the beginning of what should be a fabulous and relaxing weekend (it would be EVEN BETTER if we had some damn fluffy white stuff! No, not cocaine---snow), I present you with a few glorious things that you can enjoy, some food for thought if you will, just without the calories.

The Dinosaur Park in South Dakota--my parents took my here all the time when we were kids and I took Eli there a few years ago!! I found this old snap online and absolutely love it.

Magritte is neat.


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