Friday, February 3, 2012

how I ended up defending Saddam Hussein

we were never friends.

today is my last day at the temp job I was complaining about in a previous post (
and I am struggling to get through it, thanks to my continued misadventures with Scorpion King Bodyguard.
he was bragging about fighting in Iraq and his new ipad and decided to combine the two into the ultimate idiocy: showing me pictures "he took" in Iraq on his ipad. whoopee.
he showed me picture of Hussein's gold carriage ("I raided his house!") and a mug shot of old Saddam (both of these images are widely available on the internet).

then he said "I have a picture of myself lying on Saddam's bed." I said "oh realllly?" and he said
"well I don't have it on here. It is lost. But for being such a [insert inappropriate racist rant full of expletives here], I couldn't believe the bastard had a picture of his wife on his bedside table!"

I got all fluffed up and practically shouted "well just because he was a genocidal maniac and terrorized his own people does not mean he was not capable of loving his wife."
I surprise myself.

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