Monday, February 6, 2012

Norma Jean Into Marilyn: an Abecedarian Poem

A girl whom no one would Adore.
Belittled, Buffered, and Blonded to
Correspond with the Chesty Character she shall be Converted into.
Disapproving of her Dowdiness, the
Fabricated a woman who would be a
Goddess, Golden, Gratifier.
Her Hips
Illicit, Her heart
Jostled.  She, a Joke with a body.
Kept at an arm’s length, she was Kissed and dismissed,
Leveled, Laced-up, and Labeled
Marilyn Monroe. A
Nice enough Nitwit worth a Nickel,
Okay in bed and an On-screen Ogle,
Perhaps she’ll make us a Profit.
Queer, her fusion of innocence and
Tame once you Touch her because she is
Used to being Used.
Voice of a Virgin,
Wants of a neglected child entombed in an
X-rated form.
Yearning for more she initials the papers that sell herself. Norma Jean is now a sheer

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