Friday, February 3, 2012

Biological Clock Harassment, Early Onset Grey, and Coconut Oil

PART I: My Biological Clock is Harassing Me !

I had a dream that we had a baby! The best part is that there wasn’t any of that pregnancy or giving-birth nonsense, we were just sitting around in a cute home (that I assume was ours, in the dream) and this fat baby boy popped up and he was ours too! His name was Henry and we loved him.
And then I woke up but bugger, that dream has been on my mind all day.  Oh the general crappiness of being a woman edging toward her mid-twenties when your body is going “you should have babies now!” and your hormones go all squishsquishsquish and make you want impossible things.
Before, I just wanted a baby to read Pooh Bear stories to and tickle and watch the rain with, not to actually have (crying, diapers from hell, temper tantrums, $$$). But after that dream I want a baby so much that I could put up with the having.
It is interesting because I've heard about how we women have these fun body changes where your mind is thinking one thing and your body is telling you another (some of those caveman instincts just never go away apparently). It is strange to feel it happen and be like "no body! NO!"
Because it is not time. I am a reasonable person and popping out an adorable baby RIGHT NOW is a bad bad idea. So I will sit here and pine over being baby-less…I can literally hear my uterus going “oooooooh noooooo I feel so empty!!!!”  There will be time to have a baby…or two…years from now!
In the meanwhile I should avoid pictures like these...

 --never thought I’d say this but damn you Audrey Hepburn!!

You and your baby too. ARGH!!!! Damn you for looking so beautiful and making motherhood look as simple as walking down the street.

Moving on (I refuse to devote any more time to you, you vibrating hormones of disaster)…
I need a pet.

"A jug of coconut oil??" squeaked Piglet curiously.
I’ve been doing some reading and I’m going to try coconut oil for my IBS (among other problems).
I’ve got a tub at home and use it sometimes for cooking, but more often as a moisturizer/lip balm. I was reading up on all of the wonderful things coconut oil can do and realized that its healing effects can be felt internally too! It is a healthy fat and assists nutrients in being absorbed and eases inflammation, as well as being beneficial to the thyroid which can be a factor in IBS (I know it certainly is in my case).  My thyroid is going nuts lately and I may be a bit anemic…I have noticed that my regrowth on my hair has a lot of gray in it. I’m not yet 24!! I’m too young for this!!
But instead of just whining about it and running out for a dye kit (which I did consider), I did my research and found that there are several underlying causes for EOG (Early Onset Grey) and that I fit the description of a few of them. So I am going to get checked out. Yay for being healthy! Like I said,
the thyroid can be a major contributor to EOG. I do have hypothyroidism and although it is a ridiculous pain in the ass to deal with every day (the fatigue, the dry skin, always feeling cold) I don’t want to go on any more prescription medication. I’m trying to treat it naturally with supplements (like sea kelp and L-Carnitine) but I am definitely going to add in coconut oil and hope for an improvement! I especially need to switch out the bad oils (including the sunflower oil we currently use for cooking) for coconut, as those other oils make your thyroid sluggish.
I already took a spoonful last night and although it tastes like a tropical wonder, the thick, creamy texture is very hard to get down (I think I’ll get better at this). I put another spoonful in my oatmeal this morning and gave it a chance to liquefy (this oil has a very low melting temperature—when I use it to moisturize my skin I can just cup some in my hand and within 20 seconds it is ready to go!) and it was very yummy indeed.
Coconut oil seems like a food that my friend Piglet would really enjoy!
I may use Piglet as an excuse for my bizarre food tastes...if I think Piglet would like it, I have to eat it. Weird and nonsensical I know, but this is just how I am!!

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