Wednesday, February 8, 2012

True Dat.

I know these are non sequiters but on Lortab it all makes sense.

If you're wondering why I seem to endlessly be on Lortab, never fear--I am wondering the same thing myself. Apparently my doctors love prescribing it for my numerous aches and pains,
the most current being a seriously nasty infection in my mouth. I had an abscess removed from my surgical site in my mouth 2 weeks ago and now I have a new one...we think. It may just be swollen tissue that needs to be excised or I may be having an allergic reaction to my metal implants. If it hasn't gotten better I'll need some surgery on Friday, and right now that seems perfectly likely, considering that the swelling is like The Blob (remember that terrible old movie?!). It is moving slowly but surely; yesterday the top of my post was visible and the swelling was around it, and this morning there is only a tiny bit of the top exposed and the blob has enveloped the rest.
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeeeee!!!
In the meantime I'm hanging at home doing random arts and crafts and posting things like this. They don't always turn out lovely or the way I planned, but that is just how life works sometimes...particularly life on extreme antibiotics and Lortab.

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