Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tired and Not Tired.


People calling Obama a socialist and obsessing over socialism in general.Democratic Socialism and Socialist Socialism are very different (the former kind being the most common form of government in the world). Socialism is not communism (I think many Americans live in rabid fear of anything ending in -ISM) and was founded on the notion that employees should have ownership of the businesses they work for, which is definitely not a bad thing.
I'm not defending or justifying socialism here, I am merely stating that this is nothing new. Yes, Obama wants to take things to a new level, but please do some research and don't insult something you don't understand. Once you've got a grasp on it, criticize away!

Conning people out of their money is a nasty thing to do, and it has become terrifyingly prevalent in our world, and in the most unexpected of ways.
For example, our new family dentist has been lying to my family and telling us we need fillings that we don't, even to the point of damaging our teeth so that those fillings are needed.  Insane, right?
He even worked on one of my molars that didn’t need it (twice) and I ended up having a root canal on that tooth (I went to someone else for the root canal, obviously). We have given the guy upwards of $5000 (with insurance covering a lot of it). A dental con. Sneaky and brilliant, but in the most disappointing way.
If we can’t trust our doctors, and they are putting us through unnecessary pain, what are we to do? It isn't as though I can go to a naturopath for dental work.

Half Assed "Friendships."And the people that contact you only when they need/want something.

Dysfunctional Printers.

No bueno, on a time crunch, at work.
And inky fingers is not a good look for me.

People that will do horrible things to others--even fire them--to cover their own butts. Because they were being dishonest in the first place. As The Twain put it, "If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything."

and the unending pain they cause.


Romantic Adventures with Husband.More on that later. But we've been together for 8 years and are still in "the honeymoon stage."
             and it is the most delicious thing.

Their little personalities and quirks never cease to make me smile. They love landing in my food, pooping on my head, and sitting on my phone whilst I am in the middle of FaceTiming with Torie. They greet me when I come home from work, sing along with me, and enjoy watching me fold laundry. Who could ask for more?

Jalapeno PoppersI made a huge batch of them on Sunday and just knowing I have them ready in the freezer, to toss in the oven, makes me tap my feet a little bit...

Racing the Sun
Driving up I-80 to work in the mornings, the sun is always about to crest over the top of the mountain. It is a beautiful and fills the valley with this diffused light, and you can see all of the particles twisting in the golden light.
I try to get to Foothill before the sun makes it over the top because then my drive is a lot more tricky (sunglasses on, visor down, squinting to make sure I don't crash into anyone as we drive right into the brightness). So it is a daily race.

The Variety of Swears my Boss Invents.
Creativity at its best!

The Unexpected.Champagne on Wednesdays, 70 degree weather in March, random compliments, smiles with strangers, trials and joys that spice everything up.

and these..

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