Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mad [wo]Men

So I'm trying to get into Mad Men, that hot TV show that it seems like most of the country is obsessing over. It sounds like a "me" show, especially the context of it, but for some reason it has taken me this long to even begin my foray into Mad Men.

I've watched Breaking Bad and loved it, up until the 3rd season. Eli got me into that after months of me going "I am not interested in a movie about people cooking meth!!" I was hooked 5 minutes in.

 I've been watching Walking Dead (also bad ass), but it and BB lack the historical nuance that I am looking for, that hopefully Mad Men can satisfy.
I adore I Love Lucy and still watch it religiously. Obviously it is irreplaceable, but it seems that the family sitcom today is so far off this classic base that they fall flat. This is usually because they have too much dirty humor (not attractive coming from these women) or weak jokes, bad plots, etc. Lucy didn't need it. So I stay away from that crap. The only somewhat current sitcoms you'll catch me watching are Seinfeld and How I Met Your Mother.

I am rambling. I collapsed on the couch after work the other night, bourbon on the rocks in hand, and flipped on Mad Men. I love the opening intro/credits. Slow beginning, super sluggish character development, and the dialogue is okay. Lots of historical stereotypes, but whatever.
The best part of the show is....
The fashions and costume design is absolutely fantastic and makes me almost wish I were that shellacked and unhappy-but-groomed 1960s housewife, conflicted because I can't vacuum when I have a cigarette in one hand and a martini in the other.
God, the women in this show! They ARE the show! It should be Mad Women for Christ's sake because that is totally what it is about, though some people may have overlooked this factor, especially because it pretends to rotate around the main dude. Who, so far, is pretty static and annoys me.
But...I've already watched 3 episodes and don't even know what is going on because I am entranced by their clothes. I just faze out and stare, like it is one epic catalog.

I am inspired. As is, apparently, the rest of the female sex.

Now if only I could listen and understand what the devil is happening....

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