Sunday, May 20, 2012

Brick Pants

Just got home from another eventful night out with the hubby and best friend--they're now exchanging ridiculous movie trailers (she's showing him Sharktopus) so I'm taking a moment to post this (though I will need a longer post to fully expound later).

We went to Blue Iguana and stuffed our faces until we were drunk on Mexican food, and then sought out a park in SLC I looked up amongst weird Utah attractions.
It was built by a Mormon bishop that constructed it himself in his backyard and has the creepiest stonework any of us has ever seen.
We literally kept turning corners and screaming in shock.
It was the Twilight Zone.
The worst part was the self-portrait statue of the artist himself. It was f$@*#ng terrifying.
It was one of those statues that has eyes that follow you wherever you are standing and it kind of looked like Mr. Spock. And the worst part...
It was wearing brick pants.

I don't know why but this is the most disturbing part to me--the brick pants. Whyyyyyyyy??!!!

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