Wednesday, May 30, 2012

when you want to throw up and eat at the same time

you know that feeling?
My body is being ravaged with it right now.

I am super nauseous but instead of wanting to throw up and feel better, all I want right now is a big lunch (some kind of melty a grilled panini with ham and bacon and cheese) and a nap.

I tried eating a banana. Nothing. Took 2 Pepto Bismol tablets. Still feel shitty.
So I am concluding that this awful queasiness is my body telling me to eat.
Seems counter intuitive, right?
And where on earth is this grossness coming from? I don't feel hungover, and I don't think I drank enough last night to feel hungover, I just feel SICK. Though last night's drinking simply cannot be helping. I haven't had champagne in a while.

I think I got it from my co-workers. They are dropping like flies--most of them have those indistinguishable lurgies, but the girl I sit next to has a TUMMY BUG and her main symptom? You guessed it--nausea. To the point that I could hear her dry-heaving in the bathroom. Yikes.
She was sick for days and I kept harassing her about being pregnant but now that I've got it, it ain't so funny. Though someone being sick never is funny, unless it is ironic or deserved (I've always wanted to see footage of Hitler with a severe head cold).

Last night was enjoyable. It was our friend's birthday and we stuffed our faces with my homemade chicken tortilla soup and cornbread, made him drink his first 40, watched How I Met Your Mother, and went bowling. I think we all forgot it was a work night--I'm going to bed at 7pm tonight!

And now enough of my complaining, image time!
Since there are only 2 days left in May I'm trying to cram as many in as possible!

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