Wednesday, May 30, 2012

conversations with my husband

This happened yesterday.
Me: "I need to change that fishbowl."
Eli: "yep."
Me: "It is so gross and I don't have a fish net so I have to use my hands."
Eli: silence.

Me: "well it won't clean itself."

So I took it to the sink and scooped out the goldfish, and then went after the frog.
Me: *SCREAM!!!!!!*
Eli: "is the chicken tortilla soup okay?! You didn't spill it did you?!?!"
Me: "No.....but the frog just jumped into the juicer and then almost went down the drain and when I finally got him out and put him in the bowl he spit out a piece of carrot pulp!!"
Eli: silence.

Me: "well...he made it."
Eli: *smiles*

Hardly anything I do surprises this man anymore!  Except this:
Last night, when I stole an entire tray of matchbooks off of the bar at the bowling alley (one at a time, like a true klepto..waiting to see how long it would take the waitress to notice).....that surprised him.

Disclaimer: No, I am not a kleptomaniac, I was just tipsy at the bar and I'm a bit of a pyro. I love matchbooks. And they were complimentary anyway.

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