Tuesday, May 22, 2012

the pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again

Well Vicky is gone.
Harry Potter quote is reassuring, but hasn't helped my anguish.
It is bad. I am even more upset/slobbering crybabyish than I anticipated.
It started as aknot in mystomach yesterday during work. When I got home Vicky and Paris were sitting onthe couch waiting for me (how lovely that routine of arriving home from workand seeing my darling Brit perched on the sofa, ready for our nextadventure—“Honey, I’m home!!”).
We had some ice shots (badass gift, courtesy of Vicky).
Oh, and Vicky cleaned the apartment too.
Why does she have to be so amazing? Even Eli, who is very difficult to convinceof someone/something’s amazingness was a bit teary-eyed after she left.Especially after he found the sweet note she left for us on the fridge.

Oh bugger,here come the water works again! I need a break.

Wheewww, I’mback. So yesterday was her last day in America and we made the best of it-another run toSephora and Pandora (Vicky got a ghost charm to signify our mutual love ofhorror films!!) and we got some tea from Teavana (overpriced, but so worth it).
How has 2 weeks sped by so insanely?!

Then Vicky,Eli, and I got dolled up (well, Eli not so much) and went out for a fabuloussteak dinner.

I lied andtold the waiter it was her birthday and he was digging her accent (he informedus his ex-girlfriend was from Essex) and she got a free Rocky Mountain Mud Piefor dessert, which the 3 of us managed to devour, even after our meal of thetenderest ribs ever, bacon-wrapped filet mignon, and New York strip steak, plus a deep-friedjacketed potato loaded with butter, bacon, etc. for each of us). It was simplylovely.

When we gothome, Paris came back over and we watched Insidious(probably the greatest current scary movie) and did our nails. It is our thing.Vicky got this nail polish at Sephy’s that has little glass bead thingees in it(it is called Caviar, for obvious reasons) and we fiddled with that, had sometea, and I started crying again (both of them screaming "STOP IT! YOURE MAKING ME CRY!").
I have just been a soggy mess off and on for the last 2 days.

We stayed upuntil 1am, giggling (to stave off the tears) and taking far too many PhotoBoothpictures (I will post some later!). Oh, and the Wine Gums.
I could notsleep last night to save my life. I think I’m running on 2 hours pseudo-nap atwork (the v8 Energy drinks are pretty nice, I’m tellin’ ya), but consideringthat I am so distraught about Vicky I have half of my voice and keep gettingminor nosebleeds, and my newly acquired allergies are going haywire, it doesn’tmatter. My co-workers keep just looking at me strangely (is it the red eyes,the comfy-rather-than-professional-outfit, the frazzled hair, the sniffles, thetissues spilling out of my pockets? All of the above?), and I have been givenseveral hugs in the breakroom.
Anything will set me off.

In fact,when Vicky left for the airport this morning I could hardly speak I was soupset—the worst part is not knowing when we will next see each other. It couldbe years.
We FaceTime a lot, but it obviouslydoesn’t compare to our real-life adventures together, and it is a challenge to getdecent conversations in with our time differences and busy schedules. We makeit work.
Anyway—I hada serious crying jag after I watched her ride away, during which Eli smotheredme with hugs and was in a panic as to how to console me, and just when I hadgotten it together (I had to play an intense action movie whilst preparing forwork to distract myself) and was having some tea and toaster streudel, shetexted me that she was at the airport and shehad cried so hard the airport workers asked if she needed assistance! So that setme off again, and there went the makeup.

I re-applied and was heading out the door, driving to work, and the damn Eve 6song came on (again!!) – “Here’s to the Nights.”
I love me some Eve 6 and that song can make me emotional on any day, buttoday?! Come on, God. Or whoever is directing the coincidental songs that comeon the radio that make you think there is some eerie clockwork to this messedup world…
So, more crying.I reapplied mascara in the parking lot. And cried it away by the time I gotinside (thank goodness The Boss hadn’tarrived yet, Lord Jesus!). And I haven’t bothered trying to get my facetogether since. I know it won’t last.

Anyway, thispost is longer than I expected.
I just wanted to explain where I have been lately (gotta have priorities) andthat I will be posting a lot more now than my deary has departed back to herregal homeland.
And if youare curious about future Vicky/Mare reunions….
we are accepting donations. Graciously, of course.
Miss youalready Torie.

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