Monday, May 14, 2012

shlepping through the day

To shlep: Yiddish for drag.
And boy, am I dragging.

My body does not function with minimal sleep---I actually konked out sitting up yesterday!
We're trying to cram as much as we can into our days (and nights) while Vicky is here, which is only for another week...and judging by how fast this last week has gone, it is going to be over before we know it. :(  I've been averaging maybe 5 hours of decent sleep per night. My problem is that even when I go to bed laaaaaaate I wake up at the same time. My body is so in tune with my work schedule that I can't sleep in!

This weekend we had a fantastic history reunion shindig to welcome Vicky back properly, complete with JFK discussions, a mass batch of Charlie Chaplin cocktails, 6 people cramming onto Vicky's air mattress, staffs made of beer cans, and Epic Rap Battles of History.
And we sang "Fish N Chips," our version of Gaga's "Poker Face" that we re-wrote. The chorus:

"Can't eat my, can't eat my,
No you can't eat my fish and chips!
Eat them on a double decker...
Fuh-Fuh-Fuh Fish and Chips,
Fuh-Fuh Fish and Chips!"

It was an absolute blast. And reminded me to post this little giggle.

The remainder of the weekend we went out shooting behind Utah Lake (Vicky is a crack shot!! We have the target to prove it!!), went up the canyon for a picnic in the sun, to the Training Table for excessive amounts of cheese fries, and last night attended a Bees baseball game--2nd row seats (well, technically 1st row as there was no one in front of us) complete with beer, popcorn, peanuts, and people heckling the opposing team practicing pitching right in front of us!
And we have watched a ridiculous amount of The Twilight Zone (but it is just so good!).

And we have had only one shitty (literally) moment overall: when the toilet randomly overflowed yesterday. Well, actually, overflowed does not describe what happened. There were about 2 inches of standing dirty toilet water that 2 full rolls of paper towels could not handle. Yes, they were heavy duty paper towels.
I was getting ready for the day and Vicky started shouting for me and I ran in there to see water everywhere and more coming out of the toilet--from the back, the top, the sides! Oy Vey, and this with a hangover. I turned the water off and then Vicky and I stared at each other in shock and disgust (the smell, I tell you....)
And we have never had a problem with that toilet. Maybe someone flushed a beer can at the party or something.

And so, that was a very long-winded excuse for why I've been sloppy in my photo-a-day goal. Which I assumed would happen, and don't mind terrible. Such is life.
But to make up for it (because I know I simply will not have time tonight, and who knows what tomorrow will turn into), here are some true gems.

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