Friday, May 4, 2012

Historic Photo in Modern Backdrop

Before I share my image of the day, I have something disturbing to share...
I am planning an event that involves the U.S. military and as such am looking to purchase historic military photos. I was on a high-end art website in the military section, where they have gorgeous images of Flying Fortresses, the Iwo Jima Memorial, you get the idea...
and what should I happen to come across but this monstrosity:
It is entitled "Our Fuhrer." He isn't my fuhrer, or anybody's anymore (DEAD BASTARD!), and this should not be for sale on a nice, mainstream art website alongside classic American military images! The juxtaposition is simply too much and can you imagine some poor American WWII veteran searching online for memorabilia and this coming up?!?!
 It should be on a Neo-Nazi website (I'm sure those exist). I was shocked and disappointed and really, what person would order this to frame and mount in their home? Genocidal sociopaths (like the man pictured above), I assume.

Forgive my rant, but I think it is highly called for and as I am currently in the office I refrained from screaming this out loud, and desperately needed an outlet. Thank you for your attention.

And now, Photo of the Day for May!
I found a few of these online--they are amazing! They are historic photos merged with modern backdrops (taken where the original was set).
I proudly present one to you as my Photo of the Day:

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