Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Water, Cats, Leaping

Today has been absolutely nuts! Running errands for The Boss, trying to figure out the delays/altered flights for Torie to get to America (some nut job on her plane in London supposedly had a bomb!!!!), a lovely lunch with my Pops, buying $50 worth of fresh berries, running around in my company's grass barefoot (but in my nylons) mapping out our lawn for an event....

So with no time to write, I feel guilty.
But when I think of the image I am going to post for today, the guilt vanishes.

Because this image doesn't speak a thousand words, it screams a million.

Dali Atomicus by Philippe Halsman

Yes, that is Salvador Dali, one of my favorite artists (and people) painting amongst soaring cats, water, and a flying chair. 
This photo took 26 takes to get right.

Giddy up!!

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