Sunday, May 6, 2012

Why cookie dough tastes better than the actual cookie

Because you're not SUPPOSED to eat it raw--it's not the intended order of things, and there is the supposed risk of salmonella (having had a serious bout of salmonella myself you'd think I would take this more seriously). But it's just so good! And there is something very primitively human and satisfying about swiping your finger through cold dough laden with sweet chips and licking it off of your fingertips....

I say this because I just gave into temptation myself and had some good size chunks of cookie dough. And I don't feel guilty. I'm tired if the whole "good food" "bad food" war. I'm going to savor my life and part of that is eating cookie dough cold out of the tube!!!

Now for today's image:

It is an X-ray of flowers, bluebells I believe, and I love it because it looks like girls in ball gowns waltzing!

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