Monday, June 11, 2012

2 birds for a crab

It breaks my heart to admit it (as though I am guilty of a horrendous crime...which maybe I am) but we had to get rid of the budgies.

In case you didn't know, we got ourselves 2 (seemingly sweet) parakeets 3 or so months ago.
We loved them, took good care of them, and I tried every damn day to train them a bit more.

They would fly to us, perch on our fingers, and eat out of our hands.
But besides that they were little devil birds.
And it is tough for me to admit that, being the birdie lover that I am.
But Sophie and Walter were impossible. And the main reason for that is that Sophie wasn't a Sophie--she was more of a Joey.  AKA a male.

When we picked them out, we got these 2 because they simply could not be away from one another. We thought they were in love, or best friends in the least. But pretty soon we reached the conclusion they are brothers, and bickering brothers at that! The more they fought the more we wondered...and spoke to several bird specialists that concluded they are both male. And since they both have a matching white splotch on their head, relatives.

They didn't fight at first, but then one day they started scolding each other LOUDLY and no matter what we did (even spritzing them with water!) they would not cease. And if we separated them they would call sweetly to one another from separate rooms and be very upset indeed if we did not reunite them. Then they started attacking viciously, and Sophie-Joe was ripping out Walter's feathers!
Couldn't live together, couldn't live apart. It was like living in a really shitty soap opera.
So we, for our sanity and my health, gave them back to the pet store.

I was recovering from my surgery last week and they were screaming nonstop. I separated them, they kept screaming, in a slightly different way. It was stressing me out and giving me headaches and I felt bad for them. The "best" solution the bird consultants offered, with the exception of us giving them up, was to purchase 2 female birds, one for each of them. And that seemed like a bad idea, so we settled for the former and it was heartbreaking indeed.
Poor Sophie-Joe and Walter. I don't miss their screaming and bloody warfare, but I do miss their company.

Though I did end up trading them for a hermit crab, in the end.
Strange, I know, but that is just the kind of girl I am.
I like odd creatures, buggy things, and anything that has to do with the sea.
So while we were in the pet store, my fixation on a hermit crab came to be, and I ended up getting the BIGGEST one available.

He came in a shell with some kind of animal on it, that a kindergartner had painted. I guess they let insane children doodle on a bunch of shells, and then provide the shells to hermit crabs.
So I saw this monster crab, sitting in a green shell with a... (hippo? rhino? koala?) on it and I had to have him.
Only problem, he was missing his other ear (the weird shell ear I mean. I assume theRhino-Bear animal was supposed to have 2 ears jutting out? But this crab is a battle fiend and probably snapped it off in a scuffle over a slice of banana or something). So I had to make him an impromptu ear (see below).

He has a lot of names, including Beast, Sheldon, Hermie, Shellby, but his official name is Scuttle.
And I love him.
He doesn't scream or anything and he is the most sociable "hermit" I've ever met!

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