Monday, June 18, 2012

Vegas and hypothyroidism

Hi Pals.

Pardon my absence, I was in Las Vegas this weekend! It was so freeing to finally split from my trying job (Thursday was my last day) and get out of town.
On the whole, it was not too dramatic. I just don't like Vegas, as terrible things always happen to me there.
But this trip wasn't bad!
at a Communist U.S.S.R burger joint.

It was cooked perfectly and the cheese was ooey-gooey and crispy at the same time. 
Need I say more?

And we hit the pool. Hard. Volleyball baby!

Here I am sprawling on a red hot VIP bed.

Walked the strip and hung out at Caesar's...

and I drank a beer on top of a chair.
For no apparent reason.

Took pictures in hallway mirrors...

and had delicious Loaded Landsharks at Margaritaville (they pour tequila into the neck of the beer! Yum!)

We also got the 100 ounce margarita tower (with spigot!)
and hit up Fremont Street and stopped into Hogs and Heifers, the bar that was the inspiration for Coyote Ugly. 

It was enjoyable..
but I was just so tired! And headachey.
Which has been happening a lot lately.
Guess I cannot ignore the hypothyroidism anymore!

When I get overwhelmed with my medical problems I just try to ignore them.
So the last few weeks I have been dealing with my jaw and infection and most recent surgery and debating about opening a medical malpractice lawsuit, so the frequent headaches I have had, brain fog, etc. fell by the wayside. I just kept powering through.
But now it has gotten to the point that I finally need some serious treatment for it.
I was diagnose as having HYPERthyroidism as a kid (meaning my thyroid gland was overactive, which is why I was so damn hyper all the time), and it wore out my thyroid gland so I have gradually edged toward HYPOthyroidism (under active thyroid).
It has gotten worse and worse and now I am at my breaking point.

Before I just would feel sluggish at times, hands and feet always cold, stiff joints, brittle nails..

But now I've got muscle aches, severe fatigue, trouble sleeping, nausea and motion sickness, thrush, ear problems, terrible circulation (I cross my ankles for 2 minutes and go numb), lots of sinus infections, tummy pain/indigestion, dry skin and hair, allergies (which I never had before), weight gain (oh boy), constant headaches and often migraines. And I am feeling a bit down in the mouth.


The problem is getting medication for it because the "official" blood tests they do for it aren't reliable.
I had a blood test last year that showed my thyroid was "normal" when it clearly isn't.
Naturopaths I have spoken to have done different tests that show I am a classic case of extreme hypothyroidism, and maybe even Hashimoto's disease.
The problem is getting medication for it, when typical doctors refuse to prescribe it since they don't think I have "bad enough" hypothyroid.

But my G.P. has seen me go gradually downhill and may be willing to let me try the Armour Thyoid, which apparently is little pieces of desiccated cow/pig thyroid glands.
But if it helps, I want it!!! At this point I'm going to do the wake-up temperature test for a few days to see where I am at and how high of a dosage I am going to need.
I just have to buy an old school shake down thermometer to do it with.

So those are my current concerns....
Get a job, Treat (successfully) my hypothyroidism.
Preferably the latter first, since I need some energy to function and find a job..and maintain it!

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