Monday, June 25, 2012

Invisible friends

I popped over to Barnes & Noble the other afternoon when I was particularly emotionally fatigued (I'm still struggling with my load of unanswered medical issues and have not been feeling good at all). In fact, I'm doing a "doctor day" tomorrow and I'm praying for answers and help.

And it's times like these when I need to remember to "fill the well" --you know, do those activities that are soothing and mending to your soul so you can keep on with the daily tedium.

And for me some of those things are luxurious bubble baths with candles and scented oils, communing with nature, and visiting the bookstore.

So there I was by myself, sipping some minty green iced tea, and debating about which book from my crisp stack I should peruse first, when a stack of books at an empty table near mine caught my eye.
Reading the titles, I realized that me and this absent stranger, who had picked out these books and favored them alongside a delicious beverage (maybe a caramel macchiato), could most definitely be pals.

Isn't that funny, the sense of camaraderie, one can get from looking at someone else 's reading choices?
They're what I like to think of as invisible friends.

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