Friday, June 1, 2012

Jupiter's Wife

And so it is June.

I will be starting the new month off with a wollop--I'm having surgery on Tuesday.
The doctor is now removing the actual implant (just one of the two) within the bone because we believe that is where the infection is.
I saw another doctor for a second opinion and he believes that the infection originated when the implant was first put in (something simple and careless, like a non-sterile slip-up) and when they sewed me up they sealed fof the infection, so it was contained inside. Then, when they cut it open to add the post on top, they released the infection into my mouth.
Basically that means I've had an infection for a year and a half. Which explains why I feel like hell most of the time (fatigue, aching joints, confusion sometimes, sometimes feverish...I just feel blah. Like I don't want to do anything). So we're getting that sucker OUT.

And hopefully it will make me immediately better and my bone has not been infected.
Because if this bugger has crept into the bone (my sweet little bone that is only a few millimeters thick as it is), I am fucked.
Pardon my language, but there is just no better way to say it.
Usually if a bone is infected, they can scrape away the bad bits. But because mine is the width of a pencil in its sturdier places, I don't have that delightful fallback.

So they would remove that bone (running from my ear to my chin) and put in a metal plate.
There are several problems with this, the main one being danger to the nerves that would have to be repositioned. We examined the metal plate option before and decided it was too risky because there is a 50/50 chance of facial paralysis and/or losing the ability to smile.

So cross your fingers and say a prayer that my bone is not mushy, supporating, or leaky.
Ha. That was a joke. I hate it when people say "pray for me." So melodramatic.

I really enjoyed doing my image-of-the-day for May, and want to do something special for June as well.
I've decided on watercolor paintings!
There is just something about watercolor paintings that is carefree and lovely and springy.
And maybe I will be inspired to take up the brush again (I always enjoyed painting with watercolors but had a knack for making something I was happy with and then dribbling water on it accidentally or moving it before it was dry and completely wrecking it).

Here are a few to get you going:

 Happy Weekend peoples!
Hope yours is full of sun, friends, swimming pools, and BBQs, as mine will be!

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