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Lone Nut Theory

Bobby Kennedy: Part III

The Lone Gunman Theory was ridiculous enough after Jack Kennedy's assassination--
one weirdo, Lee Harvey Oswald, a man who was court-martialed for accidentally shooting himself in the elbow with a handgun, managed to take out the president BY HIMSELF.
Using a bolt-action Italian Carcano rifle. Italians like to joke the Carcano is the reason they lost WWII.
Because he was a pissed off commie. 
And immediately after achieving such a feat, he denied that he had done it, insisting he was a patsy.
Not quite the proud John Wilkes Booth type, eh?

That was weird enough.
But 5 years later, JFK's brother was supposedly the victim of another Lone Nut assassin.
If that sounds suspicious, unlikely, and circumspect, it should.

Sirhan Sirhan (yes, his first name is the same as his last) is the Lone Nut accused of shooting Bobby.
He is still alive and is in prison. He is 68 years old. He continues to assert his innocence.

Many believe he was the original Manchurian Candidate, and I don't doubt it.
If you don't know the tale of the Manchurian Candidate, read the book or watch one of the movies.
It surrounds the notion that the government has brainwashed individuals and used them to perform certain actions--specifically assassinations--that they perform almost robotically, and do not remember later.
Sirhan's lawyer argued as much, and new evidence is coming out that supports a conspiracy.

Sirhan is a Jordanian Christian Arab that strongly opposed Israel. This was targeted as the reason he killed Kennedy. Sirhan's supposed diary was used as evidence against him, particularly the entry that obsessively reads "RFK MUST DIE." Studies performed on the diary show concluded that it was written while in a trance-like state and that the handwriting and pressure of the print did not match Sirhan's everyday script.  Experts determined it was automatic writing, which is done in a hypnosis-like mindset. 
It is an efficient setup--if you're going to give the world a lone assassin, dated journal entries in which this assassin declares what they are going to do and why and when are pretty convincing.

After RFK was shot Sirhan made a confession in the police station. He wrapped up his guilt in a neat little box, another aspect of the Manchurian Candidate---when successfully brainwashed they will do whatever they are trained to do, even turn themselves in. But after it was all over, he claims no recollection. Who do we believe?

Those who were in the kitchen of the Ambassador that night were stunned by Sirhan's actions. He didn't just simply shoot Bobby in cold blood; he was wildly firing his gun every which way (explaining why multiple people were wounded) and when several men tried to wrangle the gun from his grasp, they were astonished at what they later described as super-human strength. They literally could not get the gun away from him.

Witness descriptions include Vincent DiPierro---who remembers Sirhan's "sickly-looking smile." Mary Grohs said "I'll never forget his eyes...He just kept staring."  Other exclaimed at how peaceful and unemotional he looked during and after the shooting, and that they believed he was "obviously under the influence of something." 

Years later, Dr. William Joseph Bryan Jr., notorious hypnotists rumored to have worked for the CIA, even bragged that he had hypnotized Sirhan to kill Kennedy. 
And of course, the autopsy work that, like JFK's, revealed that the official report varied from the evidence on the body. Bobby had gun powder burns on his ear and residue in his hair, suggesting he was shot from behind and at a very close distance, rather than from 3 feet away and in the front, where Sirhan was.

Who knows? 

Yes, the guy looks like a creep, but after you assume someone has shot another human in cold blood, your perception shifts, whether you are conscious of it or not.  What if I told you the man in the above picture had thrown himself in front of the bullets of an assassin trying to take RFK's life? Would he look different to you then?  Same with Lee Harvey Oswald-- after he was declared JFK's killer, he was suddenly a horrendous lout.

Anyway---there are a lot of suspicions surrounding Bobby's death, as there should be.
White guys in suits that the hotel staff had never seen before were loitering in the kitchen all night. Sound analysis of the various recordings of the shooting reveal that there were 2 guns, and several of the gunshots coincided, discounting the claims of one gun and one gunman, and then there is the story of the woman in the polka dot dress...
but that is another conspiracy for another day.

All that we know for sure is that a promising young senator from New York was killed, tragically.
A man that wanted to change the United States, and could have changed the world.
Who knows?
In the end, I suppose it doesn't matter who killed him, same as who killed Jack.
It was the system. And it would have happened one way or another.
Change is threatening, and the military industrial complex will not be threatened.

I may sound like a paranoid fruitcake at this point, but do some reading. Do some thinking. 

Robert Kennedy: His Life by Evan Thomas
Why Robert Kennedy Was Killed by Godfrey Jansen
Who Killed Robert Kennedy? by Philip Melanson. He has another one called The Robert F. Kennedy Assassination: New Revelations on the Conspiracy and Cover-Up as well.
RFK Must Die! by Robert Kaiser
RFK: A Memoir by Jack Newfield

And those are just a few regarding can imagine the texts covering Jack.
You don't have to conclude exactly who did it or why, but you must agree that for two brothers to die in such a similar and suspect way suggests there is something sinister at work here.
Doubt is healthy, but terrifies people. Which is exactly why cover-ups like these succeed.

The above is a selection of Ted Kennedy's eulogy for Bobby.

My favorite part of it comes from the end:

My brother need not be idealized, or enlarged in death beyond what he was in life; 
to be remembered simply as a good and decent man, who saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and tried to heal it, saw war and tried to stop it.

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