Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What happened to Voldemort's nose

This happened last night in bed with the hubby, as most of our random Harry Potter conversations tend to do! It was hysterical and the best part is that it was completely normal to both of us.

ME: "Man, I hate Tom Riddle!! What a bad boy."
ELI: "Who's Tom Riddle?"
ME: "That's not even funny. I will leave you."
ELI: "ha, okay. But cut him some slack, he's just a misunderstood kid."
ME: "That happens to be pure evil!"
ELI: "He beat death like eight times! He made death his bitch."
ME: "And then death bitch slapped him hard."
ELI: "My nose is all stuffed up."
MARE: "I bet Tom Riddle never had a stuffed up nose."
ELI: No, because if he did he wouldn't even deal with it. He would blast it off."
MARE: "Ooh my God! That's why.."
ELI: "Voldemort didn't have.."

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