Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hunger Games makes me hungry

So it is Saturday.
And I have decided to finally start reading The Hunger Games.

Hearing everyone talk about it freaked me out and I distanced myself from it as much as possible. Hell, who wants to read a book about kids killing each other?! because they are starving?! Not me!
The world is a tough enough place without disturbing books.
And I tend to stay away from trendy literature, even though in most cases it is popular for a reason (that smutty Fifty Shades of Grey is obviously an exception to this). 

It took me a while to get into Harry Potter, but that was mainly because my mom was being an awkward, protective nut about it. It wasn't the witchcraft aspect that turned her off to the series--oh no, it was the "child abuse" in it.  When it exploded onto bookshelves and she heard about it on the news and all of my friends were chattering about it, my aunt bought me a copy. And being the overprotective mom that she was (and still is), she decided to check it out first. And she didn't get past the part about poor Harry living under the stairs. She was shocked and appalled and didn't read any further.

So the 3rd book was out by the time I snuck a copy of the 1st book from the school library. 
And once I realized just how badass it was, I told her so and made her give me my own copy of the Sorcerer's Stone, which she had been hiding from me. She knew it was a losing battle, and years later I convinced her to read the books herself.  And she likes HP now, but still has a bit of an issue with him living under the stairs with the Dursleys. Ha! As if that is the most upsetting aspect of those books!
Nevermind that his parents got blasted with evil green light in front of him when he was a baby, never mind that he is a Horcrux himself and has to sacrifice his life in order to defeat the most evil thing EVER.
But she didn't get that far...I think she made it to the 4th book, which was entirely too dark for her taste.
But she insists on watching the movies with me, and good Lord it is impossible to explain the 7th movies to anyone who has not read the books! Or anyone like my mother. 
"But why can't he die?!?!" "Because he is just that f-cking BAD! He shattered his soul!!"

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my mama. But she is a French teacher. And a loon.And another story for another day.

So I should have known, based on my experience with Harry Potter, not to judge Hunger Games. No one ever told me anything intriguing or complimentary regarding the writing style, the context, the moral message of the series--just that there are children forced to murder one another! With people watching on television like a twisted reality TV show!
So I ignored all of the fanfare. I was curious, especially when the movie came out and people raved.

But then I was infiltrated. By my best friend. If she says something is good and worth reading, then shit. I have to check it out. So, Miss Vicky, I bought my paperback at Barnes & Noble yesterday and strolled down to the pool a few hours ago to begin.

I am trying to wean myself off of the Percocet, even though my surgery was only 4 days ago and I know I still need to take it easy on myself, but not having full control over your brain and/or limbs can get frustrating. Especially when you're trying to have an intelligent conversation at supper and just start giggling uncontrollably. And give your business card to the waiter. For absolutely no sane reason.
Plus it makes me really tired and gives me these sickly rebound headaches that are unlike any headache/migraine I have ever had. Not a fun trade off.
So I went without it as long as I could,  but after chewing my breakfast my jaw was killing me, so I popped one and then Eli and I went down to the pool, where I proceeded to stone out and stare at the clouds and the sun and start raving to him that the clouds were "moving...not like normal floating one side direction, but coming DOWN TO US! THEYRE COMING FOR US!!" and the thing is, the clouds really did look like they were growing and clustering and swooping in. Kind of scary, in an apocalyptic fluffy white way.
And then I decided we were in space and looking down into the ocean (which was, in reality, the sky). 
It was very bizarre and existential. And then I remembered that I had The Hunger Games in my pool bag and popped it out.

Oh how I love new books!! How they feel, smell...and the sensation of breaking the spine for the first time. It is kind of heart-wrenching, but also full of promise.

Within 10 minutes I told Eli "This shit is intense!!" and he was like "how can it be? You are like 40 pages in."
But this book starts right off!! I am cruising through it so fast I keep reminding myself to slow down. Good thing I know there are other books in the series!
And the funny thing about Hunger Games makes me hungry. Reading about that poor girl and her starving family and the descriptions of food really gets my tummy. Kind of like Harry Potter-whenever I read those I want mead and mutton and all kinds of sweets.

So I ended up in my bed, surrounded by crackers and cheese and ham and a Cadbury caramel bar, just engrossed in it.  It is like a Young Adult version of 1984, with some of The Giver and Lord of the Flies thrown in.  I like the writing. I am excited.
I kind of wish we didn't have plans for the rest of the day so I could plow through and finish it...

Thanks Vicky.

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