Friday, June 29, 2012

Campsite full. Bugger.

No camping this weekend. I am SO disappointed.
I called the campsite, they said they had 6 spots left, and 30 minutes later, when I arrived there, they were all booked.
The only thing they had left was a giant spot meant to accomodate 20 people and it cost $45 a night! Ridiculous.
Plus, because of all the wildfires Utah is currently having, campfires are forbidden. And really, if you can't have a campfire, what is the point?!
I guess we shouldn't have chosen the weekend prior to July 4th--the ranger said most of the sites were reserved weeks ago.  Poop.

So we're going to have a firepit and roast some weenies in my parents' backyard tonight instead.
You can't see too many stars from the valley because of all the light pollution, but the fire pit is secluded in a back corner that is all overgrown and dark, and we can almost pretend we're in the mountains!

I just love the mountains. Eli makes fun of me because living near them you would think I take them for granted, but whenever we go up there I apparently hyperventilate on the mountain air!
So we'll go in a couple weeks instead.

If you haven't visited the Wasatch Mountains, put it on your bucket list. 

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