Tuesday, June 12, 2012

False swastikas and my sweet husband

Last night was an adventure.
I went to see The Sound of Music at the Hale Center Theatre with my mother last night.
I've never been to a play in the round before, and this theatre is so small and intimate.

The actress that played Maria, seen here, was fabulous. And what a voice!

The dude that played Captain von Trapp had a receding hairline and..well, his shoulders could have been broader.
Though I suppose it is not fair to compare any man to Christopher Plummer.
Because that man is a badass muther.


Case closed.

But even without Mr. Plummer, the play was simply lovely.

Even though I was one of the youngest people in attendance...and at times wondered if I had wandered into a musical retirement home.

I guess my generation just doesn't appreciate the von Trapps as much as they should. Get with it kids!
Sound of Music is not for sissy babies.
It has Nazis!

Speaking of which, as a historian, I was fascinated by the fact that in the play last night they altered the Nazi swastika on the costumes, so that it was not, in fact, a true swastika. Instead of looking like an entwined "s", like a real Nazi swastika, theirs were like an entwined "z".
 I know most people would not be as interested in this as I am, but seriously! It is a play people. Are you really that sensitive that you can't use the real swastika? I wonder if they thought a senior citizen may have heart palpitations over it..? Why else?
And maybe I was the only nerd there that realized it was not a true swastika. But you just know when a swastika looks wrong, right? Lets go for accuracy people.

Anyhow, even with its fake socialist symbols, it made me tear up. And not just during "Edelweiss"--I'm talking the opening number! She sings "the hills are alive...." and I turn to mush.
I am such a baby. Oh the things music does to me...

So I come home late, uplifted by that dear Austrian family (oh oh--I forgot to mention that my Grandma Marian (whom I am named after) met the real Maria von Trapp! True story! Another reason I love Sound of Music, although yes, I know, the true story is incredibly different),
I arrived home praying to everything holy that Eli maybe picked up the apartment a bit. But no, it was still a heap.
He surprised me with something EVEN BETTER.

We've been talking about painting our assortment of bedroom furniture, since nothing matches, and just to give our bedroom a little more pizazz. Discussed it. We hadn't come up with a formal plan of action, purchased paint, discussed how and where it would take place. And because I'm the painter, I assumed Eli would help in other ways (sanding, heavy lifting, etc.).
So imagine my surprise when I come home and see what he has happened in the 3 hours I've been gone...

These pictures do not do justice to the beauty and brightness of the color!
We're going to do the rest of it soon, hopefully start on it this evening!!

He went to the paint store and brought a pretty wrapping of mine from my favorite....Tiffany's.

And he had them color matched it exactly, so I could have Tiffany blue furniture.

If that isn't the sweetest surprise ever,
I don't know what is.

Who needs a clean apartment when you can have a retro-looking Tiffany blue dresser that gleams in the morning sun?

To the aforementioned Mr. Plummer: 
My husband is a badass muther too.

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