Friday, June 29, 2012

Hemingway pictogram

The hubby and I are off to go camping this weekend, but before we depart I wanted to leave you with this:

Hemingway pictograms!!
The JFK Presidential Library maintains all sorts of archival collections, and right now they are trying to interpret some old sketches by Hemingway (they think...they are trying to determine if Ernest himself doodles these babies or one of his pals in his unit. I personally think Papa did them himself) and they are taking input from everyone!

 I love pictograms, and JFK, and Hemingway, so this was a delightful way to spend my morning. I did some research, got out my old Hemingway books, and had a stab at my own interpretation.
It made me want to read A Farewell to Arms again! I may tuck it into my knapsack for the camping trip...

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