Friday, June 22, 2012

Treasure Hunting

Why can't I be Indiana Jones? WHY.
He is a professor, a historian, a treasure seeker/adventurer, he looks good when he sweats (I could use a little of that), and he kicks Nazi ass.
And his dad is the greatest. 

If anyone can handle those responsibilities, it is ME!
So why, in my job searching, am I not finding listings for female Dr. Joneses?
I'm a fan. Can you tell?
I just need a little help with the whip is all.

The other night Eli and I were drowsing in bed, watching a great favorite of ours--National Treasure--and I realized that it is a modern version of Indiana Jones.
And yes, it has more to do with American history than getting the Arc of the Covenant away from some fascist pigs, but yes. Cool people using their history knowledge to solve clues that lead them to unimagined treasures. Glorious. Count us in!
And National Treasure gives us hope that even in the modern day we can still find mysterious, lost ancient artifacts. Now it is just finding old people to whisper clues to us and give us something to go on...get some damn funding.

This is terrible, but kind of funny.

And so, some lost treasures that I could seek:

1. The Holy Grail
This is my favorite because to this day no one has a friggin clue what the Grail even is!
Which entails lots of research, which *confession* I enjoy.
And Indiana himself was after the Grail, trying to keep it out of the hands of the Nazis.

2. The Amber Room
It belonged to Peter the Great and, as you are hopefully thinking, was made entirely of amber.
Those damn Nazis took it during WWII and no one knows quite where it is. (Nazis again...seeing a theme here?)

3. Nefertiti's tomb.  This doesn't have much to do with Nazis or Indians Jones, but Dr. Jones was in Cairo!

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